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Meetings, Programs & Activities

General Meetings:


Down to Earth Garden Club meetings are held on the second Wednesday at the Avery Street Christian Reformed Church,

661 Avery Street, South Windsor, CT at 7 pm, unless stated otherwise. Light refreshments may be served.

Visitors are always welcome.

Date:                                September 20, 2023

Time:                                6:00 p.m.

Location:                          Scantic Valley Farm, 327 9th District Road, Somers

Speaker:                           Nancy Barrett

Topic Title:                        A Tour of Scantic Valley Farm’s Dahlias Production Area

Topic Summary:               Owner and Operator Nancy Barrett is a third-generation farmer currently raising pick your own berries, a herd of Belted Galway Cattle, and cut flowers. She grows over 300 dahlias for event designers and florists all over Connecticut.



Date:                                October 11, 2023

Time:                                6:00 p.m.- memories, 6:30 p.m. - dinner

Location:                          Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

Topic Title:                        Down to Earth Garden Club 50th Anniversary Celebration

                                         Members and guests only


Date:                                November 8, 2023

Time:                                7:00 p.m.

Location:                          Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

Speaker:                          Jay Kaplan

Topic Title:                        The Audubon Christmas Bird  Count

Topic Summary:               There are over 2300 Christmas Bird Counts administered by the National Audubon Society nationwide. The Hartford Count is one of the largest in Connecticut and has been in existence since the 1930s. Jay Kaplan of Roaring Brook Nature Center will discuss how a Christmas Bird Count works and perhaps entice members to join in this year.

Date:                                January 10, 2024

Time:                                7:00 p.m.

Location:                           Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

Speaker:                           Richard Cowles

Topic Title:                        The Impact of Climate Change on Plant Culture 

Topic Summary:               The science of climate change is surprisingly old, with its start in the 1800s. This presentation will explain why our climate is changing, and what the consequences are with respect to plant insects, diseases, and adaptability of plants to our area.


Date:                                February 14, 2024

Time:                                7:00 p.m.

Location:                          South Windsor Public Library

Speaker:                           Felicia Millet

Topic Title:                        History and Cultivation of Mountain Laurels in Connecticut

Topic Summary:               The Mountain Laurel was named the state flower of Connecticut in 1907

and has continued to captivate residents ever since. Felicia Millett from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station will discuss the history of these native plants, cultivar descriptions, and tips on planting, as well as which pests and diseases to look out for.


Date:                                March 13, 2024

Time:                                7:00 p.m.

Location:                           Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

Speaker:                           Gregory Bugbee

Topic Title:                        Container Gardening Indoors and Out

Topic Summary:               Are your houseplants looking a little tired? Do you want to grow fresh vegetables and flowers outdoors on a sunny deck, porch, or patio because you have little or no suitable land? Improving your knowledge of potting soil, fertilizers, pest management, and other ways to sustain the growth of plants in containers could help. We will also cover seed starting, the safety of treated wood in raised beds, and optimizing plant growth with soil.



Date:                               April 10, 2024

Time:                               7:00 p.m.

Location:                         Wood Memorial Library

Speaker:                          Liz Glaviano

Topic Title:                       Ways Local Indigenous People Used Plants Native to This Region

Topic Summary:              For thousands of years, our region’s Indigenous peoples utilized local trees, plants, and herbs not only as dietary resources, but also for their medicinal and tool-making qualities. Liz Glaviano, Director of Museum Education at Wood Memorial Library, will speak about some everyday plants, trees and herbs that were used for moccasin insulation, baby diapers, cough, and cold remedies and as food sources.



Date:                               May 8, 2024

Time:                               7:00 p.m.

Location:                         Avery Street Christian Reformed Church

Speaker:                         Jeff Holcombe

Topic Title:                       Mosses:  Living Fossils of the Plant World    

Topic Summary:              Mosses are the most ancient plants in our landscape, and they play important roles in many of our most interesting habitats. On rocks, burned landscapes, bogs, and rotting logs, mosses often provide suitable habitats in which seedlings of other plant species can thrive, including trees and wildflowers. 

Field Trips:

October 2023:  A self-guided tour of Sculpture Fields in Coventry. The property showcases artworks by world-renowned metal sculptor David Hayes (1931-2013), a Connecticut native. Walk down a path framed in breath-taking fall colors and dotted with whimsical mobiles hanging from trees. Wander among “sculpture galleries” behind the house and barn, in an orchard, by a pond, in hayfields. An informal garden featuring many old roses and a variety of other plants is also featured. This is the largest collection of his creations to be gathered in one place.


May 2024:  A visit to Logees Plants for Home and Garden in Danielson, Purveyors of Fruiting, Rare and   Tropical Plants. or on Facebook.

Come grow with us!




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