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Club Mission

Our mission is to:

> Increase the knowledge of gardening and horticulture among our members. 

> Apply this knowledge to our own gardens and to community projects that can be enjoyed by all South Windsor residents.

> Promote conservation and environmental awareness at home and within the community.

We strive to make a difference by educating the public and expanding our outreach. Our Down to Earth Garden Club members are happy to share their passion for growing plants and vegetables.

Our Awards and Recognition

  • The South Windsor Community Foundation, Inc. approved a grant in 2006 for South Windsor's Down To Earth Garden Club to support the Butterfly Garden project from the Fall Grant Program.

The Foundation states "This program is exactly the kind of positive influence that helps put South Windsor a step ahead of other communities. It is a pleasure for the South Windsor Community Foundation, In. to recognize and award this grant to the South Windsor Down To Earth Garden Club."

  •  The Town of South Windsor's 2009 Public Works Award Winner:

Down to Earth Garden Club:

Winner of the 2009 Citizen Award

Cindy Blozie, Dave Starr, Pat Thompson, Louise Evans, Betty Gehris, Emily Zumpano, Darlene Starr and Rob Mirer are on hand to receive the plaque and street sign which honored the club's work to beautify South Windsor.

  • At the January 19, 2010 Town Council meeting,The Town of South Windsor recognized the Garden Club's efforts by awarding a "Citizen's Matching Mini-Grant" to assist in funding for the Butterfly Garden at Nevers Road Park.

Councilor Janice Favreau and Deputy Mayor Ed Havens both spoke very highly of the Garden Club and the beautiful gardens that we maintain in Nevers Road Park for the enjoyment of the Town's residents. Deputy Mayor Havens commented, in particular, about the beautiful garden at the entrance to the park and thanked the Garden Club members for the time and effort that we devote to making these Town gardens happen. 

  •   Town of South Windsor Parks and Recreation 2016 ABCD Award: 

 The Garden Club was recognized as a recipient of the ABCD award by the Town of South Windsor Parks and Recreation Department in recognition of it's development and maintenance of the Nevers gardens, community service to Varney farm and environmental projects in South Windsor.

The Recreation Department initiated the award programs to recognize service to the community.

 The ABCD (Above & Beyond the Call of Duty) award recognizes individuals or groups who have displayed dedication and passion to community recreation and who have exhibited effort that goes well above and beyond expectation.

*Photo thanks to Edward Galler.

  Celebrating our 50th Anniversary   











Come grow with us!  

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